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Rena Cokayne

Regression Hypnotherapy Single session: £45


A technique that uses hypnosis to recover scenes, feelings & memories of your past, or a past life incarnations, This can be used to heal a pattern in your present life relationships that could have originated from your past or a previous incarnation.


Past life regression uses a number of methods to encourage the mind to draw back the veil of separation between our subconscious, which remembers earlier parts of our existence, and our conscious mind. Hypnosis is the main instrument used however meditation, dream analysis and journaling all support and link in too.


This journey back to an earlier time in our present life or incarnations of a past life, our soul illuminates our personality and character traits much more brightly, and brings about great healing both emotionally and sometimes physically too.


Regression is especially good for a condition called Somatisation, which is where psychological problems like stress can cause physical symptoms in the body however there is no underlying cause, illness or dies ease. Sometimes we can block out memories or traumatic situations from our childhood or any time in our past that is causing problems in our adult life these can only be resolved if the issues are face and addressed, regression can help with this healing process.


Hypnotherapy for:


weight loss, confidence building, to stop smoking, fears and phobias are also available. for the best out come, these treatments are more effective when done in blocks of four session.


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* Weight loss * Quit smoking * Fears & phobias * Confidence building * Regression