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I empower Women to shift

their mindset, step into their confidence and achieve their goals


Rena Cokayne

The main form of meditation I teach is Mindfullness! Being in the present moment, focusing on bringing your energy back to your centre.


I offer private one to one sessions, in erson or online, alternatively there are online group sessions (details below) aswell as distant Reiki Healing sessions.


Each class is different, I focus on cleansing and healing the mind body and soul, balance your chakras & cleanse your aura, guided meditation and visualisations. I offer angelic guide sessions where you get to meet your higher self/guide (1-1 sessions only)


Great for all levels of meditation- Beginners/advanced.


Online Classes 


Join our community online, where you will be guided and shown how to master the techniques to free your mind, reach a higher state of consciousness, get in tune with your authentic self, de-stress, relax and release your energetic blocks. Loads of free content. JOIN HERE


Couples Meditation


Reconnect with your partner, through non verbal communication, only touch! Learn to understand your partners energetic language. Done as as couples or in a group of  maximum 4 couples


Meditation Courses/Workshops


Different courses for Stress,Anxiety, Depression, Relaxation, Spiritual/Personal development & Energy balancing/cleansing. Please

call to see what classes/courses are available. 07591-773586




* Corporate clients please call 07591-773586


Minimum of 5 people required to host your own meditation night.

Learn the techniques to relax your mind, in the comfort of your own front room, with your own family and friends. Suitable for those of you who are not great with new social settings. For more information or to book, please call Rena : 07949-329455


Some benefits of meditation:

Meditation reduces stress.

It improves concentration. ...

It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

The practice increases self-awareness. ...

It increases happiness.

Meditation increases acceptance. ...

It slows ageing.

Helps with pain management

Helps improve sleeping patterns

Plus many more health and spiritual benefits


There are many reasons why people meditate, there are also many benefits that can be acquired from meditation, especially for health reasons.